Students and Educators First! Stronger Together!

Why I’m Running

Giving back to my community has always been something I value and strive to do.

As I explored ways in which my skills could be most impactful, the calling to run for school board became stronger. I am an articulate public speaker and precise communicator, ready to listen to parents, teachers and administrators and impact change as we face the new challenges that lie ahead.



New residential construction continues to outpace many of our resources in Fort Mill. In fact, The US Census Bureau recently named us the nation’s fastest growing town. Our schools are certainly feeling the crunch as we continue to add approximately 1,000 students per year.

While the recent bond referendum and impact fees will provide us with funds to build four new schools, hard analysis of our school district’s budget will continue to be necessary to account for the administrative and operational costs associated with maintaining the high standards for our current schools and adding new schools to the district.

Teacher Retention & Recruitment

As we move forward through this period of growth, there is no ignoring the significant shortage of educators choosing to enter the field. While our district continues to attract exceptional teachers and administrators, hiring nearly 300 just this year, keeping class sizes low and ensuring our children continue to receive a quality education is highly dependent upon our recruitment and retention efforts.

Fair compensation, providing teachers with essential work/life balance and cultivating collaboration in our schools are all important components in reaching this goal. Additionally, as a board member, I will advocate for our teachers at the state level, helping to ensure their voices are heard and their value is understood.

My name is Christine Dayton, and it would be my honor to serve as a member of the Fort Mill School Board of Trustees.

About Me

I am a product of the public school system and a first generation college graduate. I understand the impact a quality public education has on an individual, a family and the community.

I was born in Chicago, raised in Florida and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Social Work degree. I moved to Charlotte as an adult after meeting my husband. His job later took us to Pennsylvania where we lived for two years. When we had the opportunity to move back to this area, we jumped at it. The Carolinas have always felt like home.

At that stage in our life, we had two young children. When searching for the right community to move to, the reputation of the public school system in the area was a top priority. Once hearing about Fort Mill, we knew this was the place we belonged. Our daughter has attended three elementary schools and now a middle school in Fort Mill. Our son has attended two elementary schools here. Since moving back, we gave birth to our third child, and he will enter kindergarten this year. Each year, as I meet their teachers and walk through the halls in their schools, I am certain that our decision to move here was the right one.

I value the role that schools and teachers play in empowering children to reach their true potential and excel in life. I believe that the most effective educational experience is one in which elected officials, administrators and parents partner with teachers. This has led me to always do my part and volunteer with the PTO or PTA in each of the schools my children have attended. I have also served as room mom, volunteered in the classroom and participated in or helped champion causes throughout our community including a highly successful backpack drive where funds were raised and supplies were gathered to equip classrooms and fill and distribute more than 75 backpacks for at-need children.